Nov 9, 2013

ERROR in authenticate.c:303 UA Hello from client:x.x.x.x:9101 is invalid. Len=-4

In Bacula bconsole, if you ever encounter an annoying message which repeats itself endlessly, here's the solution.

bacula-dir: ERROR in authenticate.c:303 UA Hello from client: is invalid. Len=-4

Unknown. I got this error when I tried to run a backup from a remote client via haproxy. I used haproxy to publish port range 9101-9103.

Have tried 
  • Restart bacula services (dir, sd, fd)
  • Restart bacula server 
but none of them helped.

In Bacula working folder (/var/lib/bacula, or /opt/bacula/working, or your custom build folder), delete or move these files to another folder:
  • bacula-dir, bacula-dir.9101.state, bacula-dir.conmsg
then restart bacula service
bacula restart